Tuesday, August 18, 2009

yea tuesday nah

I've been out of the loop for a week or two and the only riding I've been getting in is on the rollers. Got out for a quick spin on saturday which lasted all of 5 minutes till I copped a nice lil crash, due to no-ones fault other than my own (make sure your bars are tight).

So tonight Rad, kenny, Ken, Ray Ray and myself shot down to tank farm for a bit of a ride. After a quick dash along westhaven a few of us we headed to kingsland for some brews and pizza (cheers Elyse). It was good to see Lester ( who bought Hagans old white pista) come for a hoon too.

All was well untill dizzee rascal challenged kenny to a 100 metre race. Cat was dead serious too, he even put a thousand dollars on it. Long story short the race never took place, but there were some pretty gold quotes that came out of his mouth.

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