Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bike wreck to bike check

Rolling into work a couple of weeks ago I managed to put the Cinelli out of action after a car turned through traffic in front of me. Long story short - I ended up in hospital for a day and still can't remember the point of impact, and the Cinelli wound up with some cracked forks, dodge wheel, and twisted saddle.
Insurance rocks though! Super fast claim approval, and speedy couriers got the bike back up and rolling better than ever pretty quick. T White was a massive help getting the new parts sourced, delivered, and installed. So what better time to do a bike check than when it's freshly built!
Frame: Cinelli Vigorelli 2009
Forks: Oval Concepts JetStream
Front Wheel: SRAM S80
Rear Wheel: Velocity Deep V laced to a low-flange, single sided black Phil Wood hub
Cranks: Truvativ Omnium
Pedals: MKS Sylvan track
Cages: Soma double
Straps: cheap crappy ones
Gearing: 48/17, Phil Wood sprocket
Handlebars: Profile Design Carbon Cobra-Wing bullhorns
Stem: Cinelli CNC
Headset: Columbus
Seatpost: Cinelli vai
Seat: Selle Italia SLR Team Edition

Bring The Rain

Tuesday was a bust!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carlton 29-09

Starting slowly to make some progress on the Carlton, i decided to leave it as the OG colour with dents and scratches as i got it, made these decals from a ghetto as .GIF image i found online, Nitto drops are on the way and Dia Compe wheel set is looking to be the way to go. Still a bunch of bits to track down, next up is cranks...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rollin 80 Deep...

whats this rad?

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Old Frame

I intend to get rather vintage on this one, no risers, no 650s, no BMX pedals... well try my hardest any way!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy B'Day Bro!

Another year gone by.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

North Show

Wednesday night Hagan, Hale, Juno and Brad headed to the dark side and caught up with me in my hood, Milford (respect) a.k.a miladelphia a.k.a young milli a.k.a mackten.
Theres a few peeps that ride round the shore but no one really takes advantage of what it has to offer (tragic birds, beach front properties and european cars on chrome mags) mainly due to most people living on the other side of the harbour so it was good to get the chance to prowl the streets after dark and get some trickery and spin going.

Juno got all nav man on us and bought his gps along for the ride. Which is super handy if you get lost or just want to know your speed. I have a feeling that theirs gonna be some max speed challenges soon, watch this space.

Hale's been watching cirque du solei too much and experimenting with some different tricks. to be frank i dont even know what to call it, its kinda across between riverdance, flatland bmx and crumping but it looks ph@t! Hale's game is insane at the mo, the kid rides so hard his chain comes off, then his cranks strike his frame then he pushes himself so hard his ankles start to bleed. hes soooo hardcore. I cant forget to prop Hale on his nose press 180 keo out half bar fakie double bar spin combo, shit was insane.

Hagan squashed the east coast west coast b33f with the shore and was throwing down some crisp trickery! New frame/new project now so keep your eyes peeled for some next level mods to the charge ( and no when i say next level i dont meen grinding rails on your FIXIE)

All in all for a wednesday night there was nothing to complain about, the boys seemed feely impressed with what the shore had to offer so look out for more raw shore footage.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SBC Booze Cruse Report

Report from Teva on SBC, HERE

Rollin Queens

Sunday gave us a mixed bag of weather from amazing blue skys to hella grey bird but only a hint of rain which was nice! Caught up with a little crew at T. Whites and headed off...
Teva was holding the store down for Tim as per usual sundays, good on ya Teva, even let us have a ganda of the super secret Jap spec catalog featuring some of Baxters hopes and dreams including,
I invited this guy to come for a hoon but he wasnt keen what a dick,
oh well his loss!

After some investigation DJ4130 found that Guys forks were, well forked, his steerer tube was cracked after a rad bail on the SBC booze cruse due to some BMX cat cutting him off and sending him into a chainlink fence, So DJ41 and Ken got him sorted with some new forks to get rollin on the road again, and Baxter added a rad chain guard to my bike, thanks ya dick, latte in a bowl for you!We rolled on down to Queens Wharf, which was opened to the pubic for 3 hours as there are some big changes to come more info:

There was a bunch of people that came out to check the area out, it was a pretty sweet spot for trick around, after that headed up through Parnell and on to Ponsonby, back to T Whites and back out west west yall! all and all a nice day rollin! bring on summer riding!

i'll have a soy latte in a bowl thanks.

How to park you bikes whilst getting your caffeine fix, three lamps steeeeze

Whats Rad Blogggggin?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rene's New Whip!?

Jokes bro, jokes g, far g.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tank Farm Tuesday

Tank farm Tuesday had a few people show up with the weather getting better, all up we had a crew of about 12 roll around Westhaven. After the spin Kenny, Scare, Teva, Guy and I checked Carlaw Park carpark. Scare pulled out some sic bar-spins aiming for 8!

Then Guy got peer pressured into jumping his track bike on Kenny's thrash bike.

Starting out small with drink bottles and helmets he finally took the plunge and made it over without destroying the disc on the pista.

Check guys seemingly easy jump across the Wu-tang whip.

Monday, September 7, 2009

West West Yall'

Hale's back in AK after a stint in Sydney, so we thought we should go for a trick...

And sliders seamed to be the name of the game last night after Ken jumped fence into a spot we wanted to hit and alarms went off, not that smooth when its on the main road and a bunch of cats waiting at the bus stop are staring at you! Oh well so tricked around some car parks in Western Springs, as i said seamed that sliders were the go for the evening, super fun a lil scary, but feel mad buttery when it all goes to plan!

And what would a night of trickery be with out a few good old fashioned Keo Spins, although Hale and i both try to flip the script a bit, Hale going for half keo air 180 out, and i with keo bar spin,

Cheers to Ken for shooting these shots, we should get some of your NJS love online?