Friday, August 14, 2009

Midnight 700C-MX

I went for a spin last night with a motley crew starting up at T-White's. The plan was to grab a bite at Sal's pizza downtown but we decided to take a scenic route through town before eating. Tearing through traffic full pace and full lean into some of the corners pedal strike must have been mm's away from throwing me from my rig. We made our way through Krd, Ponsonby, Jervois, and finally down through Westhaven marina and into the Viaduct.
Stopping at Sal's we ordered up and took the dining experience to the street, choosing a stoop in Britomart. Damn fine pizza! To wash it down we hit up Smith bar and chilled - kind of literally. So getting cold T White, Brian, and Cal split leaving Kenny Hagan, Mike and I to head to Vic skate park on our own.
Arriving at the park the place was deserted apart from some inline skaters getting jazzy on their boot skates. Kenny and Hagan switched up front wheels to save the superglued tri from imminent disaster before getting sik on the ramps. Mike tore up the park treating his track bike like a BMX and dropping in all over the show. I took some pointers and dropped in on the Cinelli, which is one of the raddest things I've done in a while. Not because it's crazy hard, but because I haven't felt like 'I will definitely end up in hospital if I do this' for ages.
Kenny got jealous of the rollerblading action and hit the ramps in the emperors new skates. Acid grind -front side - big air - rocket stub soles kept on coming as he shredded the park. But all that action meant we needed to get some rest, so it was off into the night to ride another day.

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