Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday Sesssions

So Justin (SBC) and Mike L (SR) had been throwing around the idea of a lazy roll around the city from trick spot to trick spot, no beef no qualms just general radnes! And all worked out to that, there were no gang colours or patches or asian kids in lycra on single speeds!
Alothough Kenny kinda looked like he was ready for a B Boy battle royal, but couldnt find Hale to scrap outside Qubic...
We hit a few spots, Sore Print where i got the shots of Rene earlier in the week, wow there are some gnarlly angles in this car park, pedal strike much?
Then on to Ace Place in Kingsland, Scare came along and did what triple or quadruple bar spins??! crazy clearance!
Then on the the New Market post office,Where we got schooled by Justin on a real trick bike.
Headed to the car park behind Qubic which is rad banks buttery smooth concrete and pole and walls and all sorts.
Then on up to AU's Health Science building opposite the Hospital, where Ken made me take this photo and its his favorite, if any one knows this girl Ken would be super interested in her number.
Mike got a few bank tricks in before falling to the temptation of riding Tevas mountain bike and jumping down stairs, as did every one! All and all a good progrssive day i got a few new things on lock, Sky dropped his Cinelli X MASH X Hed3 good on you Sky get some wear and tear on that rig! Kenny was smiling ear to ear after jumping down stairs on Tevas MTB so is happy that he just ordered one from T White, and i also added a little message to the world,"All you haters, CD's.................Seee Deeeeee's Nuts!"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bankin Ducket

So went and checked out this rad embankment just off New North Rd down from T Whites Bikes, Got a few sneaky snappers of Rene that mofo is getting buck wild! 180s into sliders etc, the future is upon us.

Its a H Dot Shot!

So long!

So I sold my Avanti Pista yesterday, it's off to build big dreams in the clutches of it's new owner.

I've got to admit it was kind of tough letting it go seeing as it was my very first ever fixed gear rig but the plus side is that I get to spend the loot on something new.

Shine on!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Forked Forks

Apparently Charge forks weren't made to handle the trickery fury that Hagan dishes out... and here's the proof.
T White generously lent his matching un-bent pair to the cause and in comparison the devastation was clear. Damn!
Credits: hand model - Rene.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New And Improved

T White has taken T Whites Bikes to the next level by doubling the space and re doing the layout of the store, it came out super rad and looks trick! nice work boys! big ups to Callum for all his carpentry skills!

Sky's Cinelli Mash

T white's been busy building spaceships again. Here's Sky's rig with a list of high end componentry the Cinelli's got more bling than this guy...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

yea tuesday nah

I've been out of the loop for a week or two and the only riding I've been getting in is on the rollers. Got out for a quick spin on saturday which lasted all of 5 minutes till I copped a nice lil crash, due to no-ones fault other than my own (make sure your bars are tight).

So tonight Rad, kenny, Ken, Ray Ray and myself shot down to tank farm for a bit of a ride. After a quick dash along westhaven a few of us we headed to kingsland for some brews and pizza (cheers Elyse). It was good to see Lester ( who bought Hagans old white pista) come for a hoon too.

All was well untill dizzee rascal challenged kenny to a 100 metre race. Cat was dead serious too, he even put a thousand dollars on it. Long story short the race never took place, but there were some pretty gold quotes that came out of his mouth.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flip The Style Up, Watch The Money Pile Up...

So had a few changes recently on the whip just thought i would throw a click up, the tri spoke from Jeff has a tiny crack in it, but its holding up fine at the moment!! :) Prob change the set up for summer so we can get 700CMX radness in the sunshine!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Midnight 700C-MX

I went for a spin last night with a motley crew starting up at T-White's. The plan was to grab a bite at Sal's pizza downtown but we decided to take a scenic route through town before eating. Tearing through traffic full pace and full lean into some of the corners pedal strike must have been mm's away from throwing me from my rig. We made our way through Krd, Ponsonby, Jervois, and finally down through Westhaven marina and into the Viaduct.
Stopping at Sal's we ordered up and took the dining experience to the street, choosing a stoop in Britomart. Damn fine pizza! To wash it down we hit up Smith bar and chilled - kind of literally. So getting cold T White, Brian, and Cal split leaving Kenny Hagan, Mike and I to head to Vic skate park on our own.
Arriving at the park the place was deserted apart from some inline skaters getting jazzy on their boot skates. Kenny and Hagan switched up front wheels to save the superglued tri from imminent disaster before getting sik on the ramps. Mike tore up the park treating his track bike like a BMX and dropping in all over the show. I took some pointers and dropped in on the Cinelli, which is one of the raddest things I've done in a while. Not because it's crazy hard, but because I haven't felt like 'I will definitely end up in hospital if I do this' for ages.
Kenny got jealous of the rollerblading action and hit the ramps in the emperors new skates. Acid grind -front side - big air - rocket stub soles kept on coming as he shredded the park. But all that action meant we needed to get some rest, so it was off into the night to ride another day.


This is a quote from comments on a post on ZombieBMX, ya gotta love anonymous beef!
Alex Liiv said...

Skidddddddd commmmmmmp!!!!!!

Death Metal said...

Hope some muh fuckaz are gonna be blasting some brutal skids.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone on a fixie gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

fuck yeah! fucking homo fixies

And 'Death Metal' shit son gotta a way with words!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Zombie in a past life

Was checking out some random posts on London FGSS and spotted Hagan's Zombie stem - maybe in its past life, or at very least it's a close cousin as it's on a bike belonging to Mark Skulls of the Skull Bike Club.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Kenny, Hagan and I went for a quick Monday night spin to visit old love down at Kiwi Country (Noodles N' Roasts). Meeting at T Whites I snapped one of the now infamous Escort advertising guys. I think this would have to qualify as rock bottom as far as jobs go. 021 CREAM IT!

Heading down Queen street we had to take a few diversions after running lights in front of police, who ironically didn't seem to care in the slightest. The thought of crsipy chicken was more than enough initiative to run any further lights and get there fast.

Kenny got stuck in gloves and all, a good tactic in keeping Hagan away from the badass chicken. You can't have a bad Noodles N' Roasts experience!

Letting it settle we then headed towards Vector Arena so Kenny could run some trials.

Hagan also honed in on getting his 1080 keo spins down, ha.

It's a nice spot to chill with some smooth flat trick pads and jazzy water features, but as with anywhere decent it didn't want us there.

I really like the idea of doing a train ride out to the end of the line in one direction or the other and riding back. With this in mind we headed to the train station. Not to make a midnight trip to get our skulls smashed in Otara, but just to check out Brittomart - the only underground station in the world running diesel trains. Apparently everyone else in the civilized world didn't think that'd be a good idea, and I don't think this is one of those 'Kiwi's proving the world wrong' stories either.

With some new construction at the far end of the terminal we made it back up to ground level and checked out the camera-free corridors on bike.

Strangely though they didn't want us there either though.

Ah well. Outside Kenny was getting close to landing some sick bar spins. I think his record is 7? Or was it 20? I can't remember.

From here we hung around the Downtown Mall, checked out the sights up Queen Street once more, and then split our separate ways to call it an early night.

Kenny Stepping It Up

Now that Kenny has the Masi for the uber speed whip he can thrash the pista as a trick whip, and hes doing just that, getting into some jazzy maneuvers! Holla

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mangere Mash

Kenny and I decided that since our insurance was paid up it’d be a good idea to visit Mangere bridge to see the sights. Setting off from Mount Eden we headed out towards the airport. On the way we bumped into T White and his lovely lady Kelly who were out for a lazy Sunday milkshake while Teva manned the store.
The ride out was pretty sweet although Kenny’s new bullhorns weren’t conducive to stopping. This became obvious after locking into a hill leading towards the motorway as Kenny nearly speed dialed Claire to say goodbye. Tonka tough Kenny held on and rode it out so a pit stop at the dairy was in order.
While at the dairy there was a new food joint opening up next door selling pizza, parsa?! and kebabs, which is rad because I’m a massive fan of parsa.
Speeding down the side of the motorway by the water was epic. The long flat strip was definitely better than the roads through Hillsborough.

As we reached the bridge I wished I had a U-lock as backup like this dude. We rode over the old bridge anyway and entered the badlands of Mangere. As we made our way onto the new bridge we were greeted by abandoned shopping trolleys, broken glass, and ample wall decoration applied by individuals who left their signatures, but no actual work.
I’d half expected a beating or at least a taunt or two, but we made it back without incident. The trip out did spawn a good idea from Kenny though; an ally scaredy-cat race through some ghettotastic areas of Auckland. Could be cool?
Kenny's new Masi definitely looks the business and with a matching B43 coming for the front along with a few other additions it'll be super sick.
With the sun setting and rain threatening we headed back to town along Dominion road. Not a bad spin on a Sunday afternoon.