Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday Sesssions

So Justin (SBC) and Mike L (SR) had been throwing around the idea of a lazy roll around the city from trick spot to trick spot, no beef no qualms just general radnes! And all worked out to that, there were no gang colours or patches or asian kids in lycra on single speeds!
Alothough Kenny kinda looked like he was ready for a B Boy battle royal, but couldnt find Hale to scrap outside Qubic...
We hit a few spots, Sore Print where i got the shots of Rene earlier in the week, wow there are some gnarlly angles in this car park, pedal strike much?
Then on to Ace Place in Kingsland, Scare came along and did what triple or quadruple bar spins??! crazy clearance!
Then on the the New Market post office,Where we got schooled by Justin on a real trick bike.
Headed to the car park behind Qubic which is rad banks buttery smooth concrete and pole and walls and all sorts.
Then on up to AU's Health Science building opposite the Hospital, where Ken made me take this photo and its his favorite, if any one knows this girl Ken would be super interested in her number.
Mike got a few bank tricks in before falling to the temptation of riding Tevas mountain bike and jumping down stairs, as did every one! All and all a good progrssive day i got a few new things on lock, Sky dropped his Cinelli X MASH X Hed3 good on you Sky get some wear and tear on that rig! Kenny was smiling ear to ear after jumping down stairs on Tevas MTB so is happy that he just ordered one from T White, and i also added a little message to the world,"All you haters, CD's.................Seee Deeeeee's Nuts!"

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