Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mangere Mash

Kenny and I decided that since our insurance was paid up it’d be a good idea to visit Mangere bridge to see the sights. Setting off from Mount Eden we headed out towards the airport. On the way we bumped into T White and his lovely lady Kelly who were out for a lazy Sunday milkshake while Teva manned the store.
The ride out was pretty sweet although Kenny’s new bullhorns weren’t conducive to stopping. This became obvious after locking into a hill leading towards the motorway as Kenny nearly speed dialed Claire to say goodbye. Tonka tough Kenny held on and rode it out so a pit stop at the dairy was in order.
While at the dairy there was a new food joint opening up next door selling pizza, parsa?! and kebabs, which is rad because I’m a massive fan of parsa.
Speeding down the side of the motorway by the water was epic. The long flat strip was definitely better than the roads through Hillsborough.

As we reached the bridge I wished I had a U-lock as backup like this dude. We rode over the old bridge anyway and entered the badlands of Mangere. As we made our way onto the new bridge we were greeted by abandoned shopping trolleys, broken glass, and ample wall decoration applied by individuals who left their signatures, but no actual work.
I’d half expected a beating or at least a taunt or two, but we made it back without incident. The trip out did spawn a good idea from Kenny though; an ally scaredy-cat race through some ghettotastic areas of Auckland. Could be cool?
Kenny's new Masi definitely looks the business and with a matching B43 coming for the front along with a few other additions it'll be super sick.
With the sun setting and rain threatening we headed back to town along Dominion road. Not a bad spin on a Sunday afternoon.

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