Monday, August 3, 2009


Kenny, Hagan and I went for a quick Monday night spin to visit old love down at Kiwi Country (Noodles N' Roasts). Meeting at T Whites I snapped one of the now infamous Escort advertising guys. I think this would have to qualify as rock bottom as far as jobs go. 021 CREAM IT!

Heading down Queen street we had to take a few diversions after running lights in front of police, who ironically didn't seem to care in the slightest. The thought of crsipy chicken was more than enough initiative to run any further lights and get there fast.

Kenny got stuck in gloves and all, a good tactic in keeping Hagan away from the badass chicken. You can't have a bad Noodles N' Roasts experience!

Letting it settle we then headed towards Vector Arena so Kenny could run some trials.

Hagan also honed in on getting his 1080 keo spins down, ha.

It's a nice spot to chill with some smooth flat trick pads and jazzy water features, but as with anywhere decent it didn't want us there.

I really like the idea of doing a train ride out to the end of the line in one direction or the other and riding back. With this in mind we headed to the train station. Not to make a midnight trip to get our skulls smashed in Otara, but just to check out Brittomart - the only underground station in the world running diesel trains. Apparently everyone else in the civilized world didn't think that'd be a good idea, and I don't think this is one of those 'Kiwi's proving the world wrong' stories either.

With some new construction at the far end of the terminal we made it back up to ground level and checked out the camera-free corridors on bike.

Strangely though they didn't want us there either though.

Ah well. Outside Kenny was getting close to landing some sick bar spins. I think his record is 7? Or was it 20? I can't remember.

From here we hung around the Downtown Mall, checked out the sights up Queen Street once more, and then split our separate ways to call it an early night.

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