Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Chain Gang Kids X Mike Zombie

We went for a bit of a roll last night with Mike (Zombie) Davies and got some awesome shots, Monkey was killing it! im stoked that the Carlton went to a good home, and with the help of Mike now has a headset that wont bust and kill Monk.

I busted my beloved bung wrist early in the evening so just pottered about with Mike playing with flashes etc, which was rad the shots are killer and an enjoyable evening was had!

Check out more from Mike on his website

And his Qubic Store Blog


JPN Clicks From Peps

Ken in JPN

Ken and Pepe are in Japan at the moment, the 1st of many pics to come, looks like there having a dabble of fun!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Throw dem signs up

shawtaes be reppin...
and forget double denim Hale is reppin summer 09's new steez, double durrie

Sunday, November 22, 2009

T. Whites 1st Bithday

so didnt really get many shots as im kinda lazy, but rad afternoon/night with a reported 150 people at the block party style gathering that spilled out over the road and took over, Stoked for Tim and every one that helped make the shop what it is today! I hope for many good years to come!

Hey Kenny!

Ride your bloody bike!!!

Baxters Carlton

Frame: Carlton Track
Stem/Bar: Nitto Jag / Nitto B123A
Front Wheel: Black High Flange Phil Wood Laced with Double Butted Black Wheelsmiths to White Deep V
Rear Wheel: Black High Flange Phil Wood Laced with Black Wheelsmiths to White Deep V, 17tooth Phil Wood Track Cog
Cranks: SR Royal
Pedals: MKS sylvan, MKS Clips, Toshi Doubles
Post/Saddle: SR LaParade, Rolls

88mph Certified by Biran
Custom Decals by Hagan

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tires Of Fire Video

nice work Ken! and Jay i do believe double denim is a crime in Milan!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Skid Kids

Mike L (SR)
Max (Gingers United)
Mike Zombie - the only BMXer to throw down in the rain!
Ken (CGK)
Conrad (CGK) - going in for the kill
Guy (CGK)
I got sent these photos from a photographer by the name of John Darroch, he got some nice shots from the Tires of Fire event, Check out his Flickr, John Darroch.

T Whites Party Extravaganza

  1. Holy Waters Jump Box
  2. Red Bull Hummer For Sounds
  3. Red Bull Legends Grind Ledge
  4. DJ 4130 On The Decks
  5. Free Haircuts With Booking
  6. Free Beer 18+
  7. Free BBQ With Master Chef Alex R
  8. Limited Edition 1-Year Stickers - For The First 50
  9. 20% Off Everything In Store - One Day Only - 10am-6pm
  10. Good Times 

Teva! You wasted!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Red Bull Tires Of Fire

well the weather was shit, straight up.

was a shame as a bunch of people didnt come out due to the rain, but a few die hards gave it a jam with 12 competitors, including a few CGK peps.

So with all the spectators hiding in a car park drive way away from the rain,

Conrad, Guy and Ken played in the rain!

An awesome turn out with two CGK homies on the podium,

3rd. Conrad
2nd. Max
1st. Ken

Big ups to Red Bull, (except for J Swine and his never ending 5 pannel collection), Qubic and T. Whites Bikes!

Rads Back

Rads back from Japan just in time for the summer weather!

and brought back some jazzy bits and bobs, oh magic soot!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RedBull Tires of Fire 2009

Its on again, will Ken top his last years record?

Oh and t white is giving out dutty old tire to skid on! - good on ya wheeezy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back In The Game

The trick game that is...

Carltons gone so new build up, used pretty much everything off the charge plug,

Frame: 2010 GT Gutterball [Thanks Tim for the pre-loved frame]
Fork: Charge Nozzel (26" MTB Fork) [Thanks Rene for the lone until mine show up]
Headset: FSA
Stem: EDH 'Zombie'
Bars: GT
Cranks/Chainring: Sugino Messengers / Messenger 42t
Seat/Seatpost: Charge (replacement on the way) / Traitor
F Wheel: Dimension Hub/DT Swiss Spokes/Velocity Deep V Rim
R Wheel: Dimension Hub/DT Swiss Spokes/Weinmann DP18 (soon to be replaced)

So just a few little things to touch up, rad fun to ride, nice to be back on a bike that you can just thrash!

Biggie up T.White and B-Man for helping out and makin' it rain.