Friday, July 31, 2009

Beyond Velodrome

Max has opted to roll the sleeve not the leg, but I'm sure as hell not telling him otherwise and besides, he ain't goin nowhere without pedals. Being a true hipster Max just rolls round with his sweet bike as an accessory, because Max knows - the ladies love fixed gears.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pole Dancing

Thursday night the crew caught up for a couple of cheekys, dinner and a lazy ride. Ken took the bauer out for a ride, disc and all. Looking ill.
Everyones been pushing themselves latley and its good to see the lads throwing down some new tricks and getting the usual more refined.
This weekend the weather was super squawly with high winds and a a bit of rain, not too crash hot for riding. Hopefully the weather sorts its story out for Tuesday, i feel a bit of a reunion on the cards.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

When the sun goes down...

Last night Hagan, Kenny, Ken, Myself and DJ fourtone thirty went for a trick around on the shore.
The change of scenery was nice for a change and the easily bribed security gurads made for a pretty decent night. As the moon traveled across the sky, things slowly started to resemble a swingers party in Ponsonby with all the crew ending up riding each others bikes.
DJ fourtyone got his ish locked on my bike and started poppin crazy track bike one handed x ups, not to mention picking up barspins pretty dam quick. Hes off to Japan tomorow for three weeks so guess whos going to steal his rollers whilst hes this space.

Everyones getting their trickery looking crisp and Ken even showed us that he can still out skid us....haha i love this quote at the end

Hopefully ill be able to get out tonight for a bit of distance. Unfortunatley Kenny wont be able to make it tonight.......coz its his birthday, and hes gonna party like its his birthday, hes going to go out for dinner coz its his birthday and he not gonna ride coz its his birthday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rollin on 20's

Dug out from the archives comes a track so underground even the ninja turtles cant get their sweaty paddles on a copy of CGK affiliates Steel Riderz club bangin track Rollin on 20's.
Treat your ears to a listen at what FortyOne Thizzle, The Wazzman, Too-White & 2Blac came up with HERE and bootleg a copy to play at your next party!


Keo Much?

Ken poppin keo's at the lights down town by the docks. its a H.SHOT!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Cheers to Zombie Mike of Zombie Bmx for this dope sick rad phat stem, gotta love anodized purple!


You can tell its fake cause the R is wrong
-Ken White 2009

After alot of procrastinating ive finally got my Wupreme top tube protector on. Huge thanks to Alex from lower for making it for me.
Hopefully the finishing touch for the wu-tang whip should be ready by next week!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

FML Thursday

Where to start....
Thursday night started out with Monty, Kenny and me going for a lazy spin. I dont know if it was the full moon nestled neatly in the cityscape or the fact that i was up in the wee hours this morning like a meth head watching a bunch of growen men in skin tight atire (NOHOMO) ride through the French country side that made me suggest the idea that we ride a few k's.

With the air temperature at a brisk 7 degrees we decided to head from K Road through the grafton slums into New Market, towards Greenlane, then heading past St Johns and making our way down to Tamaki drive.

Where the FML comes into play. Firstly the night started off with me leaving my eftpos card at subway. Then just as we are riding through New Market disaster blaster stikes and decides to pop my front tyre. Luckily though, old mate Kenny is a wise man of cherokee decent and with a rain dance here and a smoke puff (it was actually the hot air from his lungs)out emerges the infamous puncture repair/tool kit that Diddik from the Mobil station gave him a few months back...Problem solved. With the puncture fixed the next speedbump was when we reached Tamaki drive. Apparently Kenny has a servere salt defficiency and was experiencing some gnarly cramps. After a quick stop and having the fingers pulled at us by a 13 year old kid that beared a striking resemblence to Erik Schrody ( dude from Everlast) we rolled back into the city where Monty sketched a ride the whole way up Queen street thanks to a subarus roof racks whilst i was left to ride up and Kenny walked up and pulled the old "aww my calf has turned to sawdust" line.
Lets not forget though that 400 metres or a 1/4 mile for you fast and the furious fans away from my car, my front light fell off my bike and was then ran over by a bus.....FML...i'll be taking it back to Kathmandu tomorow and telling them its broken.
Not many photos from tonight but hopefully my lil explosion of words can let you all paint a picasso in your head.

Cramp much?

Thanks stage coach

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pedals & Paparazzi

Monday night the CGK and more of the AKland track riders got together to help out with an article for Metro magazine.
The majority of the night was spent hopping around the CBD shooting at different locations, watching Zombie Mike and Wazzzman dropping sweet BMX trickery, drinking beers at smith (cheers Baxter)and eating burgers that will dislocate your jaw and reshape your intestines.

Wazzman proved Issac Newton wrong

Is it wrong that when i see this photo i actually get hungry?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

1st up U2 sucks bono whats up with your shades?!

Any ways so the CGK minus guy and with the addition of some other track bike trouble makers from around AK came for a little session at UniTec hiding from the on and off rain, (gotta love Auckland weather). rad day even Monty showed up aint seen that cat for ages but hes back and rollin Sidi's, oh snap! Cleat Life with Ken. Cleat Life!
First pictures of Conrad's Cinelli up on CGK had it for a few weeks now, Aerospoke must be in the post right rad?
Even Ken had a jam with some tricks as the awesome weather had forced us all indoors!
Ray Ray was feeling a little shady from a night chasing birds around in the burbs.
Kenny! is getting back into the trickery after doing his big "i wanna ride a million miles every night, blah blah blah" yeah homie back! and just invested in a nice DSLR so more shots to come! do me proud K Rog!

Hale rocked out on my 650 Tri after buckling his Fuji rim in half last week, maybe not the best idea i have ever had, but the good old Spin held up to the abuse of our Island Trickster,(yes hale that is your new name) old mate was getting buck wild with the extra room for B-spins mid combo, fo real!
I was super stoked to get some solid keos going untill rene told me "how easy it is to throw a bar spin in the mix" yeah its not really.

Rad day with the crew plus a few, new tricks locked, and new whips out, oh new whips yes new whip! Renes new Fuji is up and mashing, got a little teaser, more to come. (ohhhh weeee purple!)

Till next time, peace!