Monday, September 7, 2009

West West Yall'

Hale's back in AK after a stint in Sydney, so we thought we should go for a trick...

And sliders seamed to be the name of the game last night after Ken jumped fence into a spot we wanted to hit and alarms went off, not that smooth when its on the main road and a bunch of cats waiting at the bus stop are staring at you! Oh well so tricked around some car parks in Western Springs, as i said seamed that sliders were the go for the evening, super fun a lil scary, but feel mad buttery when it all goes to plan!

And what would a night of trickery be with out a few good old fashioned Keo Spins, although Hale and i both try to flip the script a bit, Hale going for half keo air 180 out, and i with keo bar spin,

Cheers to Ken for shooting these shots, we should get some of your NJS love online?

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