Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mount Missions

So Guy and Elyse had to head down to the mount to catch up with Alex and Jake from Lo.wer, Ken and i jumped on the band wagon or Ticker as we like to call the wagon, and headed down for a little mash about the flat lands of the tropical paradise that is The Mount.

First things first, on the way down we saw one of the best number plates in NZ, KRS One! What!
We had to take our Japanese exchange student Ken to the most amazing land mark the north island has to offer, The only issue was we didnt have a can of L&P so a Do-Bro had to do!
Any ways on to the mount, Guy was super stoked to fit almost a million bikes in Ticker, Rolled up to Thanks, got our Brian on a did time trials assembling bikes, And headed out for a roll around

Caught up with Jake and Alex at the photo shoot of there next winter line, some cool shit on the way, and Ken managed to steal the new New Order Mag, good score dope Kaws poster to add to our rad poster collection in the Bike Basement, Any ways heading to the main beach for a little roll/trick and max and relax in the sun,

Dope, Rad, Sick, as per usual The Mount turned on some amazing weather, and awesome local bogans with rad mullets and drunken 16 year old girls in rotangs, and even saw a gang of 17 year old mothers, Awesome!
Thanks for having us Mt Maunganui!

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