Sunday, September 20, 2009

North Show

Wednesday night Hagan, Hale, Juno and Brad headed to the dark side and caught up with me in my hood, Milford (respect) a.k.a miladelphia a.k.a young milli a.k.a mackten.
Theres a few peeps that ride round the shore but no one really takes advantage of what it has to offer (tragic birds, beach front properties and european cars on chrome mags) mainly due to most people living on the other side of the harbour so it was good to get the chance to prowl the streets after dark and get some trickery and spin going.

Juno got all nav man on us and bought his gps along for the ride. Which is super handy if you get lost or just want to know your speed. I have a feeling that theirs gonna be some max speed challenges soon, watch this space.

Hale's been watching cirque du solei too much and experimenting with some different tricks. to be frank i dont even know what to call it, its kinda across between riverdance, flatland bmx and crumping but it looks ph@t! Hale's game is insane at the mo, the kid rides so hard his chain comes off, then his cranks strike his frame then he pushes himself so hard his ankles start to bleed. hes soooo hardcore. I cant forget to prop Hale on his nose press 180 keo out half bar fakie double bar spin combo, shit was insane.

Hagan squashed the east coast west coast b33f with the shore and was throwing down some crisp trickery! New frame/new project now so keep your eyes peeled for some next level mods to the charge ( and no when i say next level i dont meen grinding rails on your FIXIE)

All in all for a wednesday night there was nothing to complain about, the boys seemed feely impressed with what the shore had to offer so look out for more raw shore footage.

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