Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

1st up U2 sucks bono whats up with your shades?!

Any ways so the CGK minus guy and with the addition of some other track bike trouble makers from around AK came for a little session at UniTec hiding from the on and off rain, (gotta love Auckland weather). rad day even Monty showed up aint seen that cat for ages but hes back and rollin Sidi's, oh snap! Cleat Life with Ken. Cleat Life!
First pictures of Conrad's Cinelli up on CGK had it for a few weeks now, Aerospoke must be in the post right rad?
Even Ken had a jam with some tricks as the awesome weather had forced us all indoors!
Ray Ray was feeling a little shady from a night chasing birds around in the burbs.
Kenny! is getting back into the trickery after doing his big "i wanna ride a million miles every night, blah blah blah" yeah homie back! and just invested in a nice DSLR so more shots to come! do me proud K Rog!

Hale rocked out on my 650 Tri after buckling his Fuji rim in half last week, maybe not the best idea i have ever had, but the good old Spin held up to the abuse of our Island Trickster,(yes hale that is your new name) old mate was getting buck wild with the extra room for B-spins mid combo, fo real!
I was super stoked to get some solid keos going untill rene told me "how easy it is to throw a bar spin in the mix" yeah its not really.

Rad day with the crew plus a few, new tricks locked, and new whips out, oh new whips yes new whip! Renes new Fuji is up and mashing, got a little teaser, more to come. (ohhhh weeee purple!)

Till next time, peace!

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