Thursday, July 9, 2009

FML Thursday

Where to start....
Thursday night started out with Monty, Kenny and me going for a lazy spin. I dont know if it was the full moon nestled neatly in the cityscape or the fact that i was up in the wee hours this morning like a meth head watching a bunch of growen men in skin tight atire (NOHOMO) ride through the French country side that made me suggest the idea that we ride a few k's.

With the air temperature at a brisk 7 degrees we decided to head from K Road through the grafton slums into New Market, towards Greenlane, then heading past St Johns and making our way down to Tamaki drive.

Where the FML comes into play. Firstly the night started off with me leaving my eftpos card at subway. Then just as we are riding through New Market disaster blaster stikes and decides to pop my front tyre. Luckily though, old mate Kenny is a wise man of cherokee decent and with a rain dance here and a smoke puff (it was actually the hot air from his lungs)out emerges the infamous puncture repair/tool kit that Diddik from the Mobil station gave him a few months back...Problem solved. With the puncture fixed the next speedbump was when we reached Tamaki drive. Apparently Kenny has a servere salt defficiency and was experiencing some gnarly cramps. After a quick stop and having the fingers pulled at us by a 13 year old kid that beared a striking resemblence to Erik Schrody ( dude from Everlast) we rolled back into the city where Monty sketched a ride the whole way up Queen street thanks to a subarus roof racks whilst i was left to ride up and Kenny walked up and pulled the old "aww my calf has turned to sawdust" line.
Lets not forget though that 400 metres or a 1/4 mile for you fast and the furious fans away from my car, my front light fell off my bike and was then ran over by a bus.....FML...i'll be taking it back to Kathmandu tomorow and telling them its broken.
Not many photos from tonight but hopefully my lil explosion of words can let you all paint a picasso in your head.

Cramp much?

Thanks stage coach

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