Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grippin Rando?

Some homies speak of 'Grippin Wood Grain' possibly in their 64's or Escalades, but old mate Hale just likes grippin a vittoria rando mid keo spin.


  1. bro. photos are looking nicer and nicer every month! The remote flash gives so many possibilities eh. Are you processing these piccies a little in lightroom or something similar? or are they just like that straight outta the box? Just curious, that's all :-)


  2. remote flash is the future! i want more i think 3 would be a good amount!

    as for post i do a little in PS as the ones i upload are only imported via iPhoto, where as the Raw files come off the camera nicer and dont need jack all, maybe a contrast bump as thats the way i like it, punchy as.