Thursday, June 25, 2009

In The Burbs:Pt Chev

In the Burbs with Hale and Hagan,

We went out for a little trick session this evening, both waiting on our 26" forks to get mad trick track steez, i have gone back to the old Charge forks after giving tim back his million dollar aero carbon track ones, and jumped back on the 700c, and ya know what it does ride better than my 650 trip spoke even though the tri had mad hipster points.
We had a progressive evening, Hale dabbled with some small stair drops, and i got into some sliders (much easier with a 700c).Towards the end of the evening Hale got his crazy Osaka Jap steez on and buckled his front wheel, so after his first 2 hours on his new build back to the shop for a new front rim!

Oh a sneaky run of ghetto CGK stickers!

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